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LES Seminar @ A*Star - Singapore

Updated: Oct 19, 2021

We are present at A*Star to host a seminar to introduce LES technology by Philip Kwang. LES, Light emitting surface, a the new surface lighting on glass with a uniform diffusing of light that mimics the moonshine.

LES: Light Emitting Surface

We are proud to have collaborated successfully with A*STAR SIMTech Singapore to found a patent pending technology, LES GLASS which emit soft glowing light for facade lighting. It is believed to be the world's first Light Emitting Glass - a super building material engineered to be deployed like a normal glass panel while at the same time functioning as a lighted glass surfaces. 

LES is a light emitting surface produced with advanced printed lighting technology that provides intense night lighting from surfaces which can be seen in full focus from distance away. LES emits a soft distinctive glow, enabling it to blend beautifully into any building facades, creating lighting architectures that could turn every architect's dream into realities. It's probably the only lighting system specially designed to celebrate the romance of the moon and the symphony of its glorious light.

Seminar By:

Philip Kwang, CMgr, FCMi

Principal Façade Consultant

Managing Director, Façade Global Master Pte Ltd.

Hosted By:


Fusionopolis Two, Kinesis Tower

8 January 2019, 9am

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